franchise peer performance groups

We are passionate about driving high performing franchise networks. We do that by developing people who support franchisees and building franchise peer performance group (FPPG) programs.

A franchisor’s journey is filled with many milestones. While no two paths are the same, there are similar experiences regardless of the industry.

Where are you on your franchisor journey?

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Are franchisees forming their own groups?
Are they asking for higher level/different types of support?

Is the network experiencing inconsistent or low performance?

Would the culture be improved with data-driven performance and accountability?

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“Performance Groups are one of the most powerful strategies I have seen for improving franchisee performance. If you are a franchisor looking to support your franchisees, or a high performing franchisee looking for the next thing to help you improve, I strongly suggest you check this out.”

-Greg Nathan, Business Psychologist & Franchise Relationships global expert

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