3 best practices

3 best practices for professional development in franchising

Professional development hype is real.

But what’s the best way to capitalize on it to maximize the benefits in franchising? 

Here are 3 best practices for utilizing professional development in franchising: 

1. Continuous professional development (CPD) is key. Not to be confused with CBD. CPD should be part of an organization’s culture and values. When an organization recognizes the power of continually developing all its people, then the entire network practices a growth mentality. 

Tip: Ensure 2023’s budget includes
professional development for everyone!  

2. Develop both the people in the home office and franchisees in the network. As we know, innovation will never slow down. Also, new information is being discovered or updated all the time. These updates oftentimes include improved efficiencies or replace things that are outdated and/or irrelevant. Holding on to only what’s known and comfortable can lead to grave problems…including turnover, poor culture, and the demise of a company. The ideal solution to this is to offer learning opportunities to everybody throughout the network! 

Tip: Include the leadership team in professional development opportunities. This ensures a common language throughout the entire network for consistency and shows leaders role modeling the importance of learning new skills as well. 

3. Choose training material wisely. Most franchise networks experience a firehose of information meant for people to digest quickly to move the network forward. Consider these two tips when choosing training material.  

Tip #1: When everything is important, nothing is important. Research has proven that mastering a large body of knowledge is challenging. Make sure the training you choose includes competency quizzes to explore comprehension and ongoing opportunities to practice and integrate new skills into real life scenarios. 

Tip #2: Consider what new or improved skills would support the unique goals of the network? For example, if you’re adding or updating data analytics and dashboards, consider offering business acumen training to support your goal. 

For more information or to see franchise-based professional development offered by FPPG, contact us: info@FPPG.org. Check out this video about our training series.