Improve Trust

How to improve trust in franchise relationships 

Trust is vital in all relationships, including franchising. In one of Greg Nathan’s valuable tips, he stated, “Trust is key. Ensure you have first built a trusting relationship with your franchisees. No one will commit to action if they don’t trust you.”  

Recognizing the importance of trust is one thing, establishing strategies and building skills to nurture trust, is another.  

Here are three strategies to nurture trust in your franchise brand: 

Set boundaries 

As humans, we constantly advertise through our words, feelings, gestures, and actions which tell people if they can trust us or not. Consider these types of messages being displayed on a living social media wall around you, called boundaries. Being aware of what boundaries are and how we use them in our life helps to understand if we can positively impact how others perceive our trustworthiness. 

Our boundaries, or lack thereof, tell people to either approach or avoid us.  

Dr. Henry Cloud literally wrote the book on Boundaries along with Boundaries for Leaders and many others that can provide direction on how boundaries can impact your life, business, and trustworthiness.   

Embrace mistakes and encourage self-awareness in everyone.  

Nobody is perfect and capable of advertising emotional awareness and self-regulation all the time. However, we can hold ourselves accountable when we recognize the opportunity. One way to increase trust in a franchise network is by nurturing a culture that supports taking ownership and responsibility.  

“I can only trust you if, when you make a mistake, you are willing to own it, apologize for it and make amends. I can only trust you if, when I make a mistake, I am allowed to own it, apologize for it, and make amends.” 

Self-awareness allows us to recognize a mistake or our responsibility in a situation. This demonstrated personal responsibility is what leads to increased trust by others. Additional components of the anatomy of trust by Brene Brown can be found here.  

Provide opportunities to grow. 

We are constantly experiencing new situations which provide opportunities for us to grow, adapt and expand our thinking. In fact, experiencing new and/or difficult situations is the best way to learn. This begs the question, then, why do some people protect others from experiencing something new or difficult?  

Protecting others from experiencing something new or difficult is called enabling. While it’s usually done without intending harm, the impact is negative and unhealthy. In fact, when we enable somebody, we’re suggesting a lack of trust towards them to experience and overcome the situation. In exchange, the person being enabled may consciously or subconsciously see the enabler as not trustworthy either. Enabling cultures and relationships promote a dependency upon each other which lacks and prevents trust.  

Both Henry Cloud, Ph.D. and Brene Brown, Ph.D. discuss enabling in their books and blogs to help understand its connection to trusting relationships.  

Overall, these three strategies to nurture trusting relationships can have a positive impact on an entire franchise network. They support personal growth, team connectedness, and network cohesiveness.  

In addition to the book recommendations in this blog, we recommend providing professional development to your team to increase self-awareness and personal growth which leads to trust. To learn about our training that incorporates business psychology, accountability, and preserving franchise relationships, contact us!