Most valuable professional

Most valuable professional development for franchise support

Individuals who support franchisees admit to having gaps in knowledge and crave new skills to help drive productive conversations and results with franchisees.  

Franchisors recognize the importance in providing training to support teams to increase skills and elevate the value provided to franchisees. 

We combined the feedback from zees and zors, while also exploring research in the area. 

Here are the most valuable training topics for franchise support teams

  • Understand the difference between coaching, consulting and counseling, along with when and how to use these roles.  
  • Learn how to recognize conflict, de-escalation and long-term resolution strategies 
  • Skills for effective listening and communication  
  • Strategies to influence when in a position without authority 
  • Strategies for goal setting and holding people accountable 
  • Understand the franchise relationship and strategies that lead to protecting it 
  • Increased business acumen and financial literacy 
  • Learn the difference between growth mentality vs fixed mindset, along with strategies to use and support others with a growth mentality 
  • Understand change management and how to support others through change  

The best professional development for franchise support teams is comprehensive. This allows for skill building in various areas including psychology, business, finance and relationships.

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