What We Do

The experienced team at FPPG offers services in two areas: professional development and franchise peer performance group programs. Not sure which you need? Read more about both below:

professional development

Effective programs and services are driven by people who are knowledgeable, prepared, and confident about their skills.

Most valuable professional

We provide professional development to people who support franchisees such as franchise business support teams, leaders, and others who have contact with franchisees.

Our services are grounded in four key areas to drive performance throughout your entire network. We purposefully integrate accountability, strengthening the franchise relationship, business acumen and business psychology for a well-rounded personal and professional growth experience. Training is complemented with quarterly virtual coaching to advance learning, enhance skills, and overcome challenges.

Research continues to show that franchise support teams experience gaps in knowledge and crave new skills to provide higher levels of support to franchisees.

Our professional development program provides the missing components to what franchise support teams want and need. This training improves engagement, leadership development, accountability, productive conversations, and business acumen.

Peer performance group programs

We build new peer performance group programs and reboot existing ones. Our group program is built upon a framework developed by research and feedback. This ensures structure, commitment, clear expectations, and accountability drive success.

FPPG programs come with collaborative preparation and development, franchisee member selection support, facilitator training/coaching, and ongoing consultation.

Already have a peer performance group program? Great! We provide virtual training and coaching to your facilitators to ensure groups uphold structure, productivity, and boundaries to drive results. Quarterly virtual coaching helps facilitators to advance learning, enhance skills and overcome challenges.

Want to know more about how our groups work?

Here are the steps involved.

  • 1

    Program Preparation & Development

FPPGs are customized for your organization whether you need a new or rebooted peer performance group program. We start by gaining an understanding of your unique organization, goals, and key metrics to ensure everyone is aligned with expectations. Next, we evaluate your current business metrics process and franchise support team readiness to identify any additional work needed. FPPGs require a strong metrics and people foundation to provide maximum outcomes. Next, we will work with you to ensure that the program incorporates accountability, business acumen, business psychology and preserving franchise relationships.

  • 2

    Facilitator Training & Coaching

Effective programs and services are driven by people who are prepared, knowledgeable and confident about their skills. Therefore, we provide a combination of training and coaching to facilitators for optimal learning, application and support that drive program ROI.

  • 3

    Franchisee Group Member Selection

Our proprietary process uses FPPG Draft for intentional member selection. This process promotes groups that are formed for stronger relationship building, trust, knowledge sharing and growth. Intentional franchisee selection also helps differentiate the value of peer-to-peer groups from individual performance coaching. FPPG Draft uses a process that combines your knowledge about franchisees and our knowledge/research of business and people data to intentionally form individual groups.

  • 4

    Program & Facilitator Support

To ensure a strong foundation, our program includes specific components for long-term success and growth, such as pilot group support, quarterly facilitator coaching, ongoing consultation, and annual program overview. We will work with you to elevate continued program and people success.